About Us

About Us


Since 2004, Arene Lifesciences Limited is committed to a cause to deliver the best and to aim for continuous improvement in order to transform new knowledge into innovative synthetic processes, designed to ensure quality, efficiency and sustainability. Our leaders step outside to do things that symbolize our vision “to be recognized as a one of the leading Global manufacturers of Quality API and their intermediates”.

Our expert teams maintain the highest global standards of quality and regulatory compliance, while our unparalleled customer support and attention will help our customers to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We pay attention to detail and take decisions over the acknowledgement that our reputation depends on the empowerment of every individual to respond efficiently, proactively and act with care while handling customers. Compliance is at the foundation of our operations, and our EHS Management System takes our performance beyond compliance. Experts work to design and redesign our operations to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, which is good for the environment and reduces our cost of goods.

Transparency and honesty are rooted in our genes and Arene has managed to retain and expand its customer data base by offering quality products at reasonable prices with timely deliveries. We take our partnerships with our clients very seriously, and we view our partners’ success as our own. Our many years of accrued expertise and knowledge provides significant added value to our partners. Continuously nurturing these fruitful partnerships through close cooperation, Arene offers superior product quality and end-to-end support through highly-responsive customer service representatives, account managers and scientific and logistical support, as well as R&D, QA, RA, IP and marketing personnel.


The key element for future growth is our large-scale ongoing investment which will enable us to generate a steady flow of APIs and intermediates to market – on average 10 new products annually. The thrust remains on to create greater value addition by developing commercially viable and innovative process know-how. Our development expertise is backed by our comprehensive understanding of these processes and an unwavering commitment to R&D investment. As a result, we provide you with high-quality APIs at competitive prices, while meeting the most stringent industry standards.